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Outfits and memory items for angel babies
and their surviving siblings
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Let me start by saying that if you have found us, I am truly sorry that you are in a situation where you ever had to look. The loss of a baby is such a painful experience and one that I wish no family ever had to share in.

When we lost one of our twins prior to birth, in February of 2015, one of our strongest desires was a picture of our girls together before we said goodbye to our angel baby. We were able to use the time between our baby's passing and delivery to create a special dress for our little one and use it take pictures with her sister when they were born.

These pictures are so special to us now that we wanted to help other families in our situation preserve some sweet memories of their twins together as well, by offering free matching outfits for their babies.

This is how our project got its start but we quickly discovered that there was a huge need for a variety memory items for families that suffered a loss.

Our new goal is to offer whatever custom keepsakes  best fit each families individual sitution. To date this has included matching outfits for twins, outfits rainbow babies and babies with terminal diagnoses, as well as keepsake outfits and memory bears for babies that have previously passed away.

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