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About me

not all twins walk side by side, twinless twin, burial gown, donate wedding dress, angel gown, rainbow baby, Picture Us Together, loss of a twin
twinless twin, burial gown, donate wedding dress, angel gown, rainbow baby, Picture Us Together, loss of a twin

I am the mother of four children, three I get to cuddle every day and one that I only get to dream of cuddling. I am normally a full time high school science teacher although I am currently taking a year off to spend some time enjoying my new baby and working on my own healing. I have always done a little sewing for my children, for fun, but have recently found that it brings me great comfort to use my skills to bless others. And so, as an outlet for my own grief, I have started sewing these little outfits. Each one brings me so much joy when I see the happiness that it brings to another grieving family.


My Story

In November of 2014 we learned that we were expecting identical twins. In January we learned that they were girls, and in February we learned that our baby "B" no longer had a heartbeat. We were devastated by the loss of our sweet angel, Emelia, but relieved to find her sister still thriving. We opted to continue the pregnancy as long as possible in order to save Evelyn. At 39 weeks we delivered both of our baby girls. Evelyn was strong and healthy and while Emelia was not at her most beautiful, we were still able to see and hold her and spend some precious time with her.  

While many things about our situation were extremely difficult, the one thing that we did have was time to prepare for the arrival of our girls. With a little research we learned that one of the biggest regrets of parents who have lost one twin is that they do not have pictures of their babies together. We were able use our time to make a special dress from my mother’s wedding dress for our Emmy to take pictures with her sister in when our girls arrived. Emmy had waited so long for delivery that we were terrified of how she might look and if we would even want to see her, let alone take pictures of her. As I said before, she was not at her prettiest but she still very much looked like our baby and we have no regrets about seeing and holding her and spending what little precious time we were able to with her. We did, however, decided that direct pictures of her might not be helpful to us in the future and that we wanted to remember her as the beautiful angel that we know she is. We chose instead, to use her dress to cover her completely from head to toe, lay her next to her sister, and take pictures of our girls together.

These pictures are some of my most precious possessions today, and, in honor of my baby girl, I would like to offer outfits and other memorial items to help other families in this horrible situation preserve whatever sweet memories of their little ones that they can.

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