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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get items? 


Loss of one twin -

If you are awaiting the arrival of your babies I will do my best to customize outfits to situations, such as gender and gestational age and strive to get them to you prior to the delivery of your babies.


Loss of a baby and/or expecting a rainbow-

I would love to make something special in honor for you angel baby for your rainbow baby to use. Again, I will strive to get it to you prior to delivery of your rainbow. I can also make a bear or other keepsake in honor of your angel baby.

Outside of the US-

I would love to offer outfits to families all over the world. However, thus far my funds are very low and shipping internationally can be very costly. I am happy to consider sending something to your family, even outside the US but may need to ask that you help with shipping. Feel free to make a request and we can decide together whether the shipping time and expense are reasonable and worth it.


There are so many special situations that I hate to limit it to these specific requests. If you are in another situation that could benefit from a special infant outfit, or accessory (like a vest or bow tie for an older child, or other keepsake item I would be happy to consider making you something. I have also made outfits for babies who have lost a parent or older sibling, and those with chromosomal disorders, anencephaly, and other terminal diagnoses.  

How can I honor an angel baby?

I dedicate every outfit I make to a special angel baby. If you would like to have something donated in honor of your little one I am happy to do that. Send me an email with your angels name and a few special details about them, nicknames, colors, symbols, or other special things that remind you of your little one and I will strive to include a special detail in their honorary outfit. I will try my best to send you a few details about the baby that received their outfit. I am also open to donations of materials, such as fabric from a special dress (like a wedding dress, or other formal dress) lace, ribbon, ect. in their honor, although I may ask you to hold materials until I am ready as my storage space is limited.

Am I guaranteed an outfit?

I wish I could guarantee outfits to everyone who requests it but right now I am only one person with a family to care for and so must balance my time. Once you contact me I will do my best to fill whatever requests are within my power.

Can I use my own dress?

I know our own angel dress was so much more special to us because it was made from my own mother's wedding dress. If you have special fabric that you would like incorporated and it will work with my patterns I am open to using it. I would most likely ask that you cut out a certain sized section and mail me only the fabric, not the whole dress to save me some storage space and you some shipping.

Can I help sew? 

If you are seamstress (even a novice) and would like to help sew I would love to expand my project but am limited by my own time. I would love sewing helpers. I am working with a small number of simple patterns that I have modified from patterns I found online. I have some donated materials I would be happy to share and am in touch with few infant loss groups where I have found most of the families I have donated to. Please email me if you are interested in sewing and I can set you up with a project. I am also happy to help point you toward patterns and other resources to start your own making own donations to organizations of your choice.

How else can I help? 

I would love knitters to make blankets and hats to send with outfits. These babies have often suffered some physical trauma before/during birth and a hat can greatly improve their physical appearance for their families. My own angel baby received a donated knitted blanket in the hospital and her twin sister now sleeps with it almost every night. these kinds of items can become such special keepsakes for families.


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Are there limitations on gestastatonal age?

I am open to making something for any gestational age baby.

What about a vanishing twin? 

Even if your lost twin was reabsorbed prior to birth, I am happy to make a matching keepsake outfit in their honor. If their gender is unknown we can work together to decide what would be most appropriate. I can try to create something more gender neutral if that best suits your situation. 

Can I get patterns to make my own?

I am happy to share any patterns I have with anyone who would like them. They are pretty rough but would give you a good starting place. I only ask that they not be used to make anything to be sold. I also have permission to share others patterns I have collected from other groups. Please fell free to email me for patterns.

What kinds of outfits are available?

I have one basic pattern for boys and one for girls in sizes ranging from 1 lb. to 12 lb. (see gallery for examples) While the basic style is the same, each outfits is a little different in terms of fabric, color, trim, and embellishments depending on what materials I have on hand. Twin outfits are made to coordinate. I typically leave angel outfits completely or almost completely open in the back with ribbon ties to make them easy to put on. I partially close the back of survivor and rainbow outfits but may still use ribbon ties. This gives a little more flexibility in the size as these babies can often be unpredictable and sometimes have special clothing needs due to IV's and monitors. I would hate to send something that cannot be used. I also have some patterns for accessory items for old children, such as bow ties and vests. 

Can I donate money?

Right now almost all for materials are donated so this project cost me almost nothing but my time. The one exception is mailing expenses. If you would like to donate money to assist with shipping expenses I have set up a paypal account where you can make a donation. (See the  "Donations" tab above). Thank you in advance. The average cost to ship one set of outfits is only about $3.50, so a little donation can go a long way.

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