Emotional Support


Center for Loss

in Multiple Birth



MISS Foundation

Provides support for families that have lost someone of any age.




Tears Foundation

This is a charity that provides emotional support for families that have experienced infant and child loss. They also provide financial support to help pay for funeral and burial expenses.

Facebook Groups

Memebership is private and you must request to join


Parents of Twinless Twins



Twinless Twin Support Group


WTE Stillborn Support Group 



Stillborn and Sleeping  Baby Support Group 



Molly Bears

This charity makes custom bears for families who have suffered the loss of an infant. The waiting list is long but the bears are a wonderful keepsake.





Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

This volunteer organization has members all over the country that will come to the hospital and take pictures of angel babies and thier familes, edit them and give them to families for free

This charity takes free family pictures for families with children with terminal illnesses as well adults with terminal illnesses who have children.

Places to get free patterns

Bev's Country Cottage has hundreds of patterens for gowns, wraps, blankets, hats, in a variety of styles and difficulty levels. They also have a link to hospitals in need to of items.

Carewear.org has patterns for clothes, bears, hats, blankets, wraps, and other medically related patterns.

This patteren is from carewear.org and is the basis for my girls gown with some slight modifications and also the basis for my boys romper with some more involved modifications

I am also willing to share my own patterns via email. They are pretty rough but when used in connection with the better patterens and directions found on these websites, should be usable.


I have also received patterens from other organizations that I have permission to share via email.

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