Olivia's Story

My baby girl Olivia was born August 25th, 2015 at 29 weeks gestational age. That day I got to finally meet my baby but unfortunately I was not able to take her home with me. Olivia was my very first pregnancy and she came as a complete surprise to my husband and I. Olivia was conceived with a lot of love on Valentine's Day. She was our gift from God.  We were happy and scared during our first months of pregnancy. At our 13 week ultrasound we noticed my baby had a giant omphalocele. We did all the genetic testing and Olivia was normal in that sense.  I was monitored every two weeks via ultrasound and got to know her fairly well.  We saw her hiccup, kick, jab and point.  She pushed back at the fetal doppler and kicked it a few times.  I went to a Juanes concert and felt her dance the night away in my belly.  She was healthy and her heart was strong according to the doctors.  We had high hopes that she would be born and the multiple surgeries would heal her defect. We knew her early years would be difficult but felt we were worth fighting for.  We were ready to give her all the love in this world.  One night I didn't feel my sweet babies kicks and had a feeling something was wrong.  We went to the doctor early the next morning and received the worst news of our lives.  My baby had passed and would not be spending her life with us. Our dreams and hopes were shattered.  Even though Olivia did come home with us I am forever grateful that I carried her all these months.  I had many magical moments with her in my belly.  She inspires me everyday to be a better person.  She was so tiny yet made such a huge impact in my life.  My heart will forever long to hold her but I know my baby is waiting for me in heaven.  Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

Lorena (Olivia's mom) 

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